Lights, Camera, Action

Eeeeeep!!! Tonight guys my ADHD gifted boy will be performing in a concert for the school at our local theatre!!!! Ahhh omg i am so excited and nervous for my boy lol. I can only imagine his thoughts and emotions about it all. This is his first big performance!!!! One problem? With all that being... Continue Reading →


3 Types of ADHD

Just like there are different types of diabetes, there is also different types of ADHD. And like diabetes people experience ADHD on different levels. So with ADHD there are 3 types..... Inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive and combination! What does each type look like? well let me break it down for you.   Inattentive ADHD Doesn't seem to listen... Continue Reading →

Loud and Proud

So this post was not going to be my next one but due to some amazing things this week I just had to share!!! First let me give you some background. My son Levi started his first year at school this year and as I'm sure you would be aware, change is not an easy... Continue Reading →

What is ADHD?

Hey guys, this week I thought it would be good to do a "what is ADHD?" post. I genuinely believe that with knowledge comes understanding so why not share some background on what ADHD is. Like a lot of things in this world, ADHD has a stigma around it and unfortunately most of it is... Continue Reading →

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