Hey guys, I’m Amy and welcome to my blog!!

ADHD Gifted is a blog where people come and find out information about ADHD. EVERYONE is welcome here whether you have ADHD, love someone who has ADHD or you are just interested in ADHD.

I’m a single mum with 2 amazing boys. my eldest has ADHD and sensory overload. Through this I have grown a passion for learning about ADHD and ways to help my son. Finding things to help me help him.

My aim is to help people gain insight information and understand ADHD. I want to provide helpful, insightful but also relatable content for everyone, so there will be personal stories of our own shared with you.

Blogging is very new to me so please bare with me while I am getting familiar with it all.

I hope everyone will enjoy what I put up 🙂

Don’t be shy leave a comment and share your stories!! I would love to here from you guys to!!

**Just a little DISCLAIMER I am not an expert or qualified in these things just simply a mum of an amazingly gifted boy who has ADHD**


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