School is back (Our routine)

SCHOOL IS BACK!!! So this year I have both my darlings at school and we are nearly half way through week 4 of being back!! Kaiden was all excited as this is his first year and he could not wait to be a “big school boy” just like his brother. Levi was a little reserved about going back has his first at school (last year) was not quite what he expected. As some of you may know from reading a previous post…. Levi and his teacher did not click very well and as a result Levi’s enthusiasm diminished. This happens through out everyone’s school life and we wont click with everyone we come across… that’s just life.


Communication is key in so many areas of our lives. So having this in mind, I made sure to build conversations and make sure both the boys teachers were aware of things. Beings that Kaiden is only under observation and not yet diagnosed with ADHD I felt it was still important to bring this fact up…. I started by explaining that Levi has ADHD…. and to my pleasant surprise his teacher explained she was aware and that she has kept it in her mind when dealing with Kaiden (omg this is great). I explained the situation with the teacher and she is happy to document anything that may need to be forwarded to the boys paediatrician.

As for Levi…. new school year means new teacher…. and so again I made sure that the right conversations were had. His teacher was already aware of his ADHD and already had ideas in place to help him. I’m so very excited for Levi this year as his teacher seems to have amazing communication skills, be in touch, sensitivity, knowledge and understanding to deal with children who have ADHD. She will also be documenting anything she feels may need to be relayed back to the paediatrician. The best part is that Levi is very comfortable with his teacher. he has been coming home with such a positive attitude towards school and learning saying things like “mum, my teacher is lovely, nice and caring”  “do you know, it doesn’t matter if we make mistakes because we are learning” and “my teacher says it doesn’t matter if its not perfect as long as we are giving it a go”. These are such beautiful words to hear him say, such a different attitude to what he started to display last year!!! This positivity is already starting to spill over into other areas…. The other night while both the boys were doing homework (which by the way at this stage they are both so happy to do) Kaiden got down on himself because he had made a mistake…. Levi turned to him and said “its ok Kaiden you are trying and you are doing a good job” he was so encouraging to his brother and it was nice to see. These moments  don’t happen as often as I would like but when they do I make sure to praise their supportive behaviour to each other.

This year I think the biggest change will be the fact that the school, paediatrician, OT and psychologist will all have contact that. This means that we can all make sure we are all well informed and on the same page when dealing with the boys. Hopefully we will all work together when it comes to strategies, ideas and supports. I feel this will a positive change for us.


Homework is something I feel both parents and children are not a fan of. Despite this I think we have had a good positive start to it this year. we started homework in week 2 and both boys were happy to do it. The enthusiasm is there and the drive to do it. So far the boys have done homework every night after school without a fight, in fact they have even been asking to do it. I try not to put pressure them about homework but tell them how it is like practicing a game or sport and we get better at it.


  Routine, Routine, Routine

We all know how important routine is for children… and I’m glad to say that we have slipped into our routines rather effortlessly since school went back. I have probably just jinxed myself lol!!!. But anyway…. Here are our before and after school routines.

Before School

  • Wake up
  • Breakfast
  • Bush teeth
  • Wash faces
  • Get into school uniforms
  • Once lunches are packed put bags by front door
  • T.V. time if everything is done and there is spare time

After school 

  • Homework as soon as we get home
  • Lunch boxes and drink bottles on the counter for me
  • Playtime of their choosing
  • Dinner…. we have early dinners
  • Discuss our highs and lows of the day at dinner
  • Quiet time…. this can consist of T.V. or quiet play
  • Bath/shower time, including brushing teeth
  • Bedtime…. we have snuggles or sometimes read stories and then its sleep time


We have cut out tablet time, gaming and YouTube in our house. The boys were not happy about this but I have explained that these things are only for school holiday time and they have adjusted quite nicely. Being strict on our routines and eliminating the things mentioned above have made a world of difference…. there are fewer arguments and the boys know what happens next. There is always room for improvement but I think we have started this year off on a good foot. I cant wait to see what this year brings for us all.




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