Unleash that inner child (Get on their level)

So let me start by saying….. this was going to be a “how to survive 6 weeks of school holidays”. But as these holidays are nearing their end I had some realisations along the way. I feel strongly about them and think they are helpful to any parent from any situation.

Good days & Bad days

It is only natural to have good and bad days in all aspects of our lives…. and parenting is definitely no exception to that!!!

THERE are the days where just when you are like “their attitudes or behaviour possibly couldn’t get any worse!!” and the next thing you know they have cranked it up a few levels…. and you can feel your brain melting inside your head…. Locking yourself in the toilet and hiding in hopes they don’t find you…. you are thinking that a quick trip to the liquor store for a few bottles of wine is a good coping mechanism and may drown out their arguing…. or you start to fantasise about sending them on a one way trip to China (ok we wouldn’t really do this one…. but the thought is nice for a second or two).

THEN there are the days where you don’t even know who your children are….. its like an angel possessed them while they were sleeping the night before… and all of a sudden you have well mannered, nicely spoken, respectful, joyful, gentle, thoughtful and angelic little people for the entire day…. they are getting along with their siblings….. sharing toys…. they are entertaining themselves…. and everything is blissful. These days are the ones where you feel safe leaving the house and going out in public… maybe go for a nice picnic…. and dare I say it…. even go grocery shopping with them!!.. Or have a PJ’s day with blankets, treats, movies and eat your heart out snuggles with your beautiful munchkins!!!

AND then there is the days where maybe the kids are having what would be classed as a “normal” day in your house…. but maybe mum is having a burn out…. or maybe its a down day mentally or physically…. either way… Mum just all round may not have the energy levels to deal with the day…. as mums it is totally ok to have a bad day…. they are not exclusively for the kids…. in fact I think as mums we are ENTITLED to have a bad day here and there…. days where we struggle to get out of bed or maybe even the noise of the kids having fun is too much for you….. don’t feel bad we all experience this in some sort of way… reach out on these days..

Why so serious?

I think sometimes… especially in the world we live in today… we get caught up in being all serious… so caught up we forget to have fun or what fun even is…

There is a massive part of us, that as we grow older we slowly lose over time…. its sad really… and as I have learnt recently that it is probably a the skeleton key to everything….

Think for a moment…..

When was the time you feared nothing?

Can you remember the last time you were truly carefree?

And really think… when was the last time you experienced pure unadulterated fun and joy on such an innocent level?

Do you remember being a kid and running around with your arms stretched wide, pretending to be a plane and making crazy loud fun noise?

I bet that is something you can only vaguely remember doing…. I wonder if you remember how damn good it felt to do…

Well let me tell you…. it feels F@#king amazing!! its freeing and fun and when your kids do it with you…. Well that is just everything!!!

Inner Child

What I am trying to get at is….. We could all benefit from being just like our kids from time to time. We forget as we get older what its like to live without fear, doing things without having to double think them, how awesome it feels to scream out of pure happiness and having fun or running around being wild and free!!

We all still have these elements buried in the deep dark depths of ourselves. The inner child sits there just waiting for us to undo the lid so we can enjoy everything!!!!

And the best part of unleashing that inner child when you are a parent….. is that you get to experience it all over again with the little humans that you created…. and honestly I think that is almost… actually maybe it is better than when we were kids. Remembering how we use to view the world and there were endless possibilities because back then we had no boundaries on our imaginations!!!

I encourage you all at least once a day to try get on there level and run with them, blow raspberries on each other, have tickle wars, pillow fights and run around the backyard like you are an aeroplane!!!

I have been letting my inner child out every now and then… and never realised it….. the most simplest of things really….. after I tuck my darlings into bed, kiss their foreheads and say goodnight….. I walk away and as I do we all scream “I LOVE YOU” and its a competition to see who can yell the loudest (this may seem like a backwards step to get kids to sleep…. but now they wont go to sleep without it) we yell “I LOVE YOU MORE” “NAH UH, I LOVE YOU MORE” the end result being that we all giggle and the boys burn the last of their energy, we have all made it clear how big our love is and we all go to sleep filled with love, joy and happiness.

Unleash that inner child…… I doubt you will regret it…. I think you will find that it could even help lift a mood or relieve some stress…. it may even change your mindset…. and what’s better even better? its another thing to add to the list of memories with your little humans.


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