Medication (Tell me your stories)

Hey guys, todays post is a slight follow on from my previous post…… So I may have mentioned that the topic of medication came up in Levi’s appointment with the Paediatrician.

Before I go any further I feel like I should just say that…..

Everyone’s situation is different and we all do what we feel is best for our children. It is not for anyone else to pass judgement or opinions on how any of us choose to parent and or manage our child’s added needs…. However, in this space it is for us to help, support, encourage, listen and be here for our fellow parents of ADHD children.

Now I have that out the way…. right so a little background for anyone who does not know…. my son was diagnosed quite early with ADHD… He was between 3 and 4 years old. They can not use medication to treat ADHD in children under the age of 5 as there is no prescribed or known safe dosage for someone so young.

Now this worked in our favour a bit as I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of medication because Levi is on steroids for his asthma and I didn’t want to add to what he already takes. So this gave me to opportunity to try other methods without feeling the push for meds.

Other Options

So what were the alternatives that we tried….

  1. Occupational therapy
  2. Therapy play sessions
  3. Diet changes
  4. And for me I did a couple of parenting courses to help me help him

I think that the progress we have made in the last few years without medication speaks for itself. But it is not all my doing…. not just my efforts…. it is my Levi’s doing, the amazing support I have had from childcare workers and early childhood educators…. everyone who has been in his life in some way so far has played a part…. from his kindy teacher putting in one on one time with him off her own back, there was no special funding in place for him to have that… but that beautiful soul did it anyway. Even the school teacher that didn’t really seem to be on board at first.

we have been incredibly blessed with the people we have had along the way.

But anyway….

I am not dead against medication and I definitely don’t judge anyone who chooses that path. In fact I have been preparing myself for a day where either the professionals or even Levi says its time to try medication.

Id like to think that I am not a closed minded person….. I know I’m not but there is a video that I came across a while back….. oh it wasn’t by accident that I found it….. I have been following this channel since they first started…. anyway this particular video gave me a different level of understanding from a ADHD persons point of view…. Its definitely worth watching!!!!

This is Jess from the youtube channel “How to ADHD”….. this channel is absolutely amazing and helpful.


Medicating my child?

Levi’s Paediatrician said at this stage we wont medicate him….. instead we will wait until he has seen a phycologist see what their opinion is and we will go from there…. But should the time come where its the only option left or my son says he wants to try it as his struggles are too much…. then I will listen, I will remember this video, I will take any criticism and go against my own thoughts if it means my sons life will be a little bit easier.

If this day does come then my only obstacle may be his dad….. I’m not sure about other countries but here in Australia, in a shared care co-parenting situation both of the parents actually have to sign paperwork consenting the child be medicated. But I shall cross that bridge if it arises.

I am just a mum who wants the best for her children’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


So now that I have all this off my chest……I need something from you guys….. I need to know your stories or journeys with your kids and medication… good or bad…. even better if you have ADHD and have a story about medication then please share…. I would absolutely love to hear everyone’s stories…. comment below and I will reply as quickly as I can.



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