The Appointments

Well I have been quite slack to say the least!!! But I am here now.

I want to talk about the paediatrician appointments my boys had back in November (I know, I know I have been slack. Scold away lol). You may want to grab a coffee and a snack because this will be lengthy!!!


Let me give a quick run down…… This year both my boys have seen two locum paediatricians each, in our home town…… and neither have seen the same one. So in total this mum had dealt with 4 in total. Now to be quite blunt they all seemed as useless as tits on a bull!!!! I needed Levi’s ADHD revised, see if any changes needed to be made in dealing with day to day…. especially because this year he entered school, totally new environment. And I wanted Kaiden assessed for ADHD, because for the last 6 months he been the harder of the two, to deal with and this hasn’t just been at home but at kindy and his dads as well. So… these paediatricians all spent 5 seconds with my boys and dismissed everything, never asked questions, there was no investigation into anything and they barely listened to what I had to say. So this mumma bear did as she does and went back to the GP and fuming and demanded someone competent for her babies!!!

well this lead to the boys being referred to someone 5 hours away costing $300 for each child…. and you know what I wasn’t even mad about any of that… we needed to be heard!!! I did what was needed for my boys.


Levi’s Appointment

I will start with Levi’s appointment… So as a standard thing both myself and Levi’s teacher had to fill out questionnaire’s to scale what is happening with his ADHD. which both determined that mister 6 has turned into a motor mouth lol….. even more so than before.

This paediatrician was so thorough, she was amazing!! asking thousands of questions and checking Levi head to toe. I felt comfortable and most importantly I felt heard and like I could put all my trust into this woman and my boys would not suffer as a result…. its been a while since I have been able to say that without any doubt.

So we talked about the idea of autism and whether or not this is a factor in Levi’s life….. but the Paediatrician was quite confident this isn’t a concern for Levi. We talked about bringing back occupational therapy for Levi…. This we may need to travel for…. but it would be worth it as she is referring us to the best in our state!!!  We also talked about the “M” word….. Medication now I wont talk about this part to much as I have a separate post for that. He is also being referred to a phycologist. All in all I walked away happy with the effort put into my child to help him… such a great feeling!!!


Kids went crazy!!!!!

Right now before I start on K mans appointment there are a couple of things I want to say……

1. My boys were far from being the picture of perfect poster child!! They went stir crazy in there… which is normal BUT…. this was to extremes I have never dealt with before…. they were bouncing of the walls almost literally!! They took over the entire clinic, were loud, disruptive, flitting around and running everywhere…… and listening ears must have been left in the car!!! cause what the hell is “LISTENING”.


2. Thank god there was a student practitioner shadowing our appointments… because without her our appointments would have been pointless…. we would not have been able talk about anything and would have achieved nothing!!!! She took the boys out of the room to play while the paediatrician and I discussed everything….. Trust me when I say this….. she would have slept fucking amazingly that night!!! she really deserved a bottle of wine for her efforts!!!


Kaiden’s Appointment

Right so Kaiden….. now I was hoping this appointment would mean answers for Mister K…. however, this isn’t exactly the case. So the kindy and I filled out questionnaires to determine if Kaiden has ADHD as well….. Going by the questionnaires and what she could see from the behaviour Kaiden was displaying in the clinic…. she said hyperactivity is definitely a factor in his life and there is no denying it. Also he seems to fit the bill for ADHD but she isn’t comfortable diagnosing him with it yet…. she would prefer to see how he progresses through out the next 12 months and re evaluate…. I am happy with this….. so game plan is…. he is also being referred to occupational therapy… same place as Levi…. hopefully this helps. Like Levi, Kaiden is also being referred to a phycologist.

The rest is in my hands as such….. I need to see what kinds of support the school is willing to put in place for Kaiden to make sure that his first year goes as good as it can…. (OH YEAH KAIDEN STARTS SCHOOL IN 2018!!!!) This will be a task as schools have limited funding and without a having a “label” on your child, your chances of support are sweet F@#k all!!!…. we shall see…. cross these bridges as they come.


So all in all I am quite happy with our outcomes for my boys….. its always going to a constant fight with the systems but its worth it so that our babies get the best!!! and when you feel beat by it all… reach out to your supports… friends and family…. or online community….. we all have to help each other through this stuff!!!!



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