Melbourne Holiday

It has been a hot minute so please bear with me while I find my groove again…..

Right so as I mentioned in my last post, we had school holidays while I took a break from blogging…. now parents I don’t know about you but whenever school holidays are around the corner I can feel the anxiety and anticipation brewing from inside my gut and seriously contemplate having the bottle shop on stand by just to help me survive lol!!!! just kidding well mostly….

Anyway well this mumma bear was definitely not prepared this time round and on the Friday of school breaking up I decided to book a 3 night stay in Melbourne (5 hour drive from where we live) for myself, the boys and their Aunty!!!

Now I’m not sure if this spontaneity came from the shear thought of being at home for two weeks straight with the boys and knowing they will go crazy or if it was more the case of “stuff it the money is there why not make some awesome memories for the kids”. I would say that it was both.

Beings that this was a fairly on the spot idea that I came up with on the Friday, and we were leaving Monday to drive to Melbourne I didn’t really get the chance to do good prep work with Mr L like I usually would. Oddly enough though he handled it.

So from Friday night up til Sunday night my brain went into over drive……. So many things to think of and not much time to get it all done.

We will skip the inner monologue of my mind….. because….. no one needs to hear that… it wont do you any good hahahaha!!!

Preparing for the drive

In order for all of us to keep even the smallest slither of sanity on this drive I needed to make sure I had everything possible for the kids in place.

  • DVD players in the car
  • 5 movies for the boys
  • Both boys have comfort blanket and Mr L has Gilly
  • Balanced snacks of fruit and junk food
  • Drink bottles of water and some fruit juice
  • GPS so the mum doesn’t get lost on the way

Let me tell you, these boys really shocked and surprised me on the drive…… It was the best the have ever been on a long trip.


My little stunners


Please remember this was a spontaneous decision lol….. We get to our accommodation….. a hotel…. Yes shoot me bad move….. Trust me I will not make that mistake again lol….. Next time it will be a caravan park.

So anyway on the Tuesday we went to Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium. I thought what a great experience for the boys, it will be a full day out they will love it!!!!

This is where it all got very stressful….. you see Levi had the time of his life…. stopping to notice everything in every tank we went past not wanting to miss a thing. it was awesome!!! of course he would run off a little and maybe forget his listening ears here and there but otherwise he was great. He was totally mesmerised and captivated by all the sea creatures…. makes sense Animals is his “thing”.

Kaiden on the other hand…… dear darling Kaiden….. well lets just say I wished I had a hip flask to make it through the day with him. I don’t know if he had over dosed on excitement that he forgot to even pay attention to all the beautiful things around him or he just wasn’t that interested or maybe it was an overload of colours and sounds. I’m not entirely sure…. either way this child was definitely not well-behaved….. listening ears were non-existent…. ability to stay in one place gone!!! Between trying to keep him in our sights and stopping him from ruining other people’s experiences that day….. I was exhausted to say the least.

As I said the trip to the Aquarium could have been a full day of entertainment….. I think we finished it all in like 2 and a half hours….. slightly disappointed…. Even poor Levi had, had enough of Kaiden playing up. And unfortunately it didn’t stop after we left the Aquarium.

Back at the hotel even with TV entertainment, Kaiden was bouncing off the walls. we couldn’t keep him locked up in the hotel room….. after some thought I decided to come up with an afternoon/night routine for the last of our stay….

Peek-a-boo I see you

Afternoon/night routine

Right this is how it was going to work….. we had just done the Aquarium and the following day we were going to do the Zoo…. so I decided once we were finished with our outings during the day, we would come back and do the following…

Go to the Pool

The hotel had a pool that the guests could access whenever…. beings that Kaiden definitely had more energy to burn I figured why not utilise the pool.

TV time/Quite time

After burning off the energy at the pool we would go back to the room and watch kid shows for a little while. This was quiet time….. time to relax and unwind from a super high energy day.

Meal Time

Once everyone had down time I would order dinner….. during meal time we would switch the TV off so the focus would be on eating.

Movie, Cuddles & Sleep

After dinner….. the boys had bathes brushed their teeth (basic night routine) and then I would put a family movie on…. During which, we would cuddle. There was to be no talking just enjoying the movie. Once the movie was finished, if they weren’t already then it was time for sleep and TV to be switched off.


We did this on the Wednesday night too after the Zoo….. Kaiden was still quite over the top at the Zoo and a bit out of control. but once getting him back to the hotel and starting our afternoon routine he seemed to level out a bit….. So I think it worked.


Once we finally returned home it took me nearly 4 days to mentally and physically recover from the stress and anxiety that I had been through trying to deal with Kaiden on holiday…. in fact I slept for 12 hours straight once the boys went to their dads… I can only imagine how it was for him.



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