Missing in action!!!!!

Ok so…… yes I have been MIA for quite sometime now. Funnily enough I have written multiple  drafts for posts and deleted them because I just never finished them…. I started feeling like I had no time and life was interfering too much to sit down and write.

*sigh* as life does, it got quite stressful. In the time I have been away from the blog we have moved house had one lot of school holidays (now that its a post all on its own) and appointments with medical professionals for both myself and for my boys….. all of which we have had to travel for….. travel time ranging from 2 to 5 hours away from how home town so I’m sure you can understand the level of stress and exhaustion this mumma has been feeling!!!

In saying o\all of that though, I have felt lost and empty having time away from the blog…. even though the purpose of the blog is to start conversation, open peoples ideas and to support others…. I have come to realise that this space is my therapy and my outlet…. maybe even my sane place lol!!!

I hadn’t sopped working on this blog completely though, I have constantly been writing notes and jotting down ideas.

Time to change it up

So I will be making some changes to this space….. some you wont see as they are to do with my own work ethic and discipline hahaha!!! but one of the changes will be that I will be adding a couple of new pages in the very near future.

YES I am back and more motivated than ever!!!!


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