Time for CHANGE

I do a fair bit of research in my own time around ADHD as i think i mentioned before.This definitely doesn’t make me an expert i am just passionate about it.

I have come to realise through doing this, that a lot of the information i find is usually from places like America or the UK. Oh by the way i live in Australia lol, just in case thats something that has been left out.

Now i have come across some amazing sites, blogs and experts along the way. But again a lot of them are not based here in Australia. So the past week i have been trying my hardest to find anything or anyone based in Australia that are good resources or are proactive about ADHD.

Let me tell you this was not easy, i hit many walls along the way. And to say that i am slightly disappointed in my Country is a bit of an understatement.

There were a few times that i thought “you beauty, jackpot!!” But the sites i found for organisations or foundations seemed to have been started but then forgotten about and only have very very minimal info.

I found one site that seemed quite well set up and very useful. So me being me i decided i will contact them and find out more about them and have a proper conversation with someone from there. So i reached out and sent an email, i really thought i was finally getting somewhere. Then ping!! My email notification went off and i got a bit excited…… well that was short lived…. the notification was just my email bouncing back to me. Im guessing that place doesn’t operate anymore.

This made my frustrations quite high and im not going to lie it actually made me mad. I felt at a loss.

I started thinking that maybe i need some help on my search. I called up the therapist i used to see. I dont see him now as he has retired which is a damn shame in my opinion he is one of the best we have or that i have come across at least. Anyway i started talking to him about my search and asked if he may be able to point me in the right direction….. well he didn’t seem surprised that my efforts were leading me nowhere and unfortunately he didn’t know of any places i could look. He then explained to that Australia is at least 10 years behind America and the UK when it comes to anything to do with mental health!!! 10 F***ING YEARS!!!

Now i love my country and i am blessed to live here, i mean our government has been a bit of a laugh for the last few years and i dont really agree with a lot of things. Non the less i love my country. But this information infuriated me!!! I felt sad, angered and extremely disappointed.

We dont have anything that remotely comes close to something like CHADD, which is America’s national organisation for ADHD. They do such amazing things and accomplish so much more from what i have heard and seen from not just their site but from what other people have said about them. Please go check them out its well worth it!!

I feel like this post has become a bit of a rant and it definitely feels good to express some of my frustration. But at the core of it all is a sincere hope that a change will come to this country of mine. Change where our children wont be let down in this way anymore. I feel that its injustice, not just for our ADHD gifted beauties but for any child that has any other diagnosis. These little humans will become our future if we dont fight for them now, if we dont help them reach their full potential, if Australia does not catch up to speed with everyone else……. what will that look like??

Will we be able to sit there feeling happy with the outcome??

Its time for change……

P.S. If there is something here in Australia and I have missed it than please feel free to let me know….


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