Advocate for your Child

Through our journey with ADHD i learnt that a lot of things get so easily dismissed and sometimes as parents the things we say or think get ignored. Whether its professionals working in this area, friends, family and teachers.

Too often i have heard the words “they are just kids” or “thats most kids”. But we as parents know our little humans best!!!

Its not just simply “being kids” or anything else people use to dimiss what is really going on. They experience these “just being a kid” things on such a level that effects their every day life and everything and anyone in it.

For example: Just the other day Mr 6 had his entire morning thrown off because the plans had changed. He was having the day off school because of a pubil free and the night before i did my usual prep for the following day, explaining he was having a day with me instead of at school and his brother would be going to kindy in the morning (our life is constant prep work). But when morning came round Kaiden wasn’t feeling the best so decided to best keep him home. This threw Levi completely to the point he didn’t eat breakfast because he was upset and a bit hurt because he felt i lied to him. This small change dictated how the rest of his day went. This is not just being a child.

The point being that you will most likely hear these sorts of comments in your own journey whether its your child with ADHD or its yourself.

It is up to us as parents to ADVOCATE for our ADHD gifted darlings and make things heard dont give people the chance to dismiss anything, whether a professional is disputing the fact your child might have it without even really investigating it, or you are trying to give your childs educators tools to help them cope but they dont take it on board. Whatever the situation make sure you are heard!!!!

I have had a teacher say “this is school we dont do that” after explaining that my son who had only just started school, has ADHD & sensory overload doesn’t cope well with change and may need a half day here and there to begin with because he may not cope. By the way this particular school do make allowances like that.

I have had the school dismiss things and not listen to what may help through out the day. And as a result my son has suffered. He had left the school grounds because he “just wanted and needed mum” and there have been other situations. But until i sat there and made them listen nothing was going to change and they would have continued to ignore it dispite the issues they were having with him.

Thankfully they now understand and they have taken it all on board and on top of the tips and strategies i gave them to help him and help them, they have included some of their own and school is a positive experience for him.

If we dont advocate for our gifted babies then so many aspects of their lives will be deeply affected because people wont have the understanding or knowledge.

People only see snippets of our lives and they can be quick to assume or dismiss. People will have opinions on the trearment options you take and some may try to persuade you to do it another way.


No one knows your child better than you!!!

Speak on there behalf!!!

Say the things they struggle to put into words so that adults can understand them!!!

Stand your ground!!!

Make sure you are heard!!!

Make them see and understand!!!

Because if parents dont fight and advocate for their children, who will!!!


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  1. You are so right!!! I spent most of my time at my daughters school in grade 5 just trying to get the teachers to understand. Especially because she didn’t have a diagnoses until the end of grade 5. Her teacher in grade 6 was much better and understood. It helped that her daughter is special needs child, so she really understood. Now we are in a new school and I have to do everything alllllll over again. Grade 7 is a completely different way of doing things and it can be very frustrating. I’m considering homeschooling because it just makes more sense.
    Have a great day
    Chill mom Julia

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  2. Thank you so much for commenting!

    I am glad that you have been able to relate. I feel it is a constant battle with different systems. But it is so worth it if it means there is a positive outcome for our kids.

    I am only at the start of the school journey with my kids but feel that each year i will jave to go over it all again with a new teacher.

    Do what you feel is right for your ADHD gifted girl!!


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