Treat Yourself!!!

After having a rather challenging week this week and multiple crying sessions this morning, a thought popped into mind. One of the most valuable things ever said to me when I first entered parenthood was “how can you look after someone else if you are not looking after yourself”.

I realise a lot of you may have heard this more than once. But you know what? Its so so true.

This week i haven’t done a good job of that. On average i have probably only eaten one meal a day…. no i dont have an eating disorder. I have simply forgotten to eat and my body is sh*t at reminding me it needs food.

In the morning im busy running around like a headless chook getting the boys ready….. getting them breakfast, making lunchs, getting them dressed and brushing their teeth half the time i forget i have to pee let alone remembering to eat.

By the time morning rush is over i could almost go back to bed lol. I run errands then maybe do some quick browsing on the net… by the time im done its time for the mad rush of picking the boys up getting them home making sure homework is done, preparing and cooking dinner while taking a thousand requests from the kids and play referee for their arguments then its shower brush teeth and bedtime…. by the time thats all done im stuffed…

Then for me its shower, sleep and repeat.

I imagine this is what most parents days are like…. but as you can see there isn’t much self care in there.

Sometimes its hard to remember ourselves because 95% of our time is spent thinking about and worrying about our little humans… the rest is usually house related.

But as i was again reminded today…. its important that we make time for ourselves in some way if not to avoid having a tantrum of our own, then to maintain any slither of sanity we havr left lol.

So here are a couple of ideas:

Run a Bath

No matter how drained you are try to have at least one bath during the week. fill that baby up!!! have some bubbles and scented candles and maybe even some music just to zone out….. you know what throw a glass or two of wine into the mix as well….. why not!!!. Whatever helps you relax and helps free your mind of any stresses.


As much as I love the conversations I have with my boys….. sometimes I just crave a conversation that’s not with a 4 and 6 year old lol!! call a mate make a time to catch up for coffee at your favorite place…. Don’t spend your coffee date complaining the entire time about how much little Freddy drove you to ripping your damn hair out. Talk about the kids a little bit of course they are a big part of your life. But this is you time this is that adult conversation we seldom get.

Get A Massage

Girl with all that stress and running around you will definitely be feeling tense!!! book yourself an appointment and get a hot stone massage or something. Let the relaxation take you somewhere else, fall asleep even!! I have done that and I have no shame lol.

Treat yourself

Whatever your guilty pleasure is, just go and do it or eat it whatever the case may be. you have a favorite ice cream that maybe you don’t buy just in case the kids find it? woman go get your ice cream and eat it!!!

I’m sure you see what I am getting at. And if you are like me, sometimes you may feel slightly guilty for treating yourself or doing something for you. But trust me let that go and just do it.

Your kids don’t know it yet or may be completely unaware but they will be thankful for it and so will you. Taking time for you means you can better be there for your little humans more and give them a happy and energised mummy who isn’t about to rip her hair out. Its means being able to spend time with them and enjoy one another more.

I think my thing for me will be a nice hot bubble bath and pretend I am on a tropical island somewhere lol!!



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