ADHD and Comorbidity

So today I am going to talk about ADHD and its “Friends”. Just like Asthma tends to go hand in hand with eczema, ADHD can and a lot of the time does come with some friends. Unfortunately these friends are not the supporting and helpful kind. Sometimes these friends can compound ADHD.


Who are these Friends

Well there are a few friends of ADHD. In fact ADHD has a very high comorbidity rate. Some of these friends are actually seen or diagnosed not realising ADHD is hiding behind them. This occurs a lot with adults. For example, an adult being diagnosed with depression or anxiety but no one has picked up on the fact the person has actually been with living ADHD most of their life. Its often not seen til later on that ADHD is the main source and that the Anxiety or depression are just a nasty cling on.

Here is a list of “friends” to be aware of.

  • As already mentioned anxiety and depression
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Autism
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Sensory Disorders
  • Early speech problems
  • Learning Disorders such Dyslexia


Its important to look for these friends even if it is just to rule them out. Knowing whether or not you have one or more of these friends means that treatment can be adjusted accordingly.


Side Friends

Some of these friends come with side friends of their own. These are sadly the darker ones. They creep up and sometimes they hide in plain sight and take hold quickly.

I’m talking about low self esteem, drug & alcohol abuse and even self harming.

People with ADHD often feel like failures because they frequently missed dead lines or they have trouble staying focused and constantly start things but never finish them. Often they get stuck on a merry go round of negative thoughts about themselves. If only they could see how beautiful and creative their minds really are!!



Knowledge is POWERFUL!!!

We all need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible to help us better assist and understand our beautifully minded ADHD love ones. Be very observant and listen to them, don’t be so quick to brush things off. They have great potential to do amazing things. Its about nurturing their strengths and building on weaknesses making them strengths and creating a supportive network so they will flourish.




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