Lights, Camera , Action Part 2

Oh god what a week!! I was hoping to get this post up well before now but as you would know, life doesn’t always go to plan when you have kids lol. My boys ended up sick this week which had them home for a few days so as you can understand my focus has been on them.


Should have taken some Panadol

So when Levi got home from school after a long day of rehearsal, I made sure he had a lot of down time. I suggested the idea of a nap……. but yep you guessed it! he wasn’t up for that….. so that didn’t happen but hey it was worth a shot lol.

At the theatre it was so amazing to see all the kids running around with nothing but excitement. All the parents and kids were in the foyer prior to the kids going backstage to get ready. while it was lovely to see them all running with beaming smiles, echoing laughter and not a care in the world it was also very very verrrry LOUD!!! although I enjoyed seeing all of this I was also standing there thinking I really should have taken some Panadol before we left home lol.


The Show has Begun

The performance went for an hour and my god it was so good to watch. The way they all worked together, how they all remembered their lines, songs and moves.

Some of them had little hiccups like forgetting lines or stumbling on their words, but the kids didn’t pick on each when it happened instead the were quietly helping each with either reminding them of the lines or just little words of encouragement….. It was so heart warming to watch their level of support for each other.

Did I mention the performance was on a few Dr Seuss books?  this just made the whole thing that much more adorable. Through out the performance I could see my little man searching for me in the audience, unfortunately he never found me despite me being the crazy mum waving trying to assure him I was watching with nothing but a proud face.


Proud Mummy!!!

My amazing boy made it through such a big day and night and he kept himself regulated emotionally. There were no meltdown or overload he made it through!!! Even after the show although he looked quite tired, he was content and happy…. Not too excited or overwhelmed. I think he got sick of hearing all the praise lol!!, I just couldn’t stop telling him how fantastic he did on stage with everyone watching and how he managed to keep himself calm. Its not because I didn’t believe he could do it (I believe my kids can achieve anything) but because I know he works just a little harder to get through things like this and how rewarding that must be for him!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I prepped for him just in case it became all to much. Gilly and blanket were in the car waiting for him after the show. He admitted he was tired and needed cuddles and asked for both of them. So the drive home was a bit quiet with him cuddling his comforts and me quietly thinking just how far he has come, how far we have both come with ADHD in our journey and being overwhelmingly proud of my little human.





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