Lights, Camera, Action

Eeeeeep!!! Tonight guys my ADHD gifted boy will be performing in a concert for the school at our local theatre!!!!

Ahhh omg i am so excited and nervous for my boy lol. I can only imagine his thoughts and emotions about it all.

This is his first big performance!!!!

One problem?

With all that being said above. Im slightly worried how he will cope with sensory and the ADHD side of things.

The school has dedicated the school day to rehearsal which can be tiring for any six year old. But add the ADHD and sensory…. He has to be back at the theatre by 6:30pm to start at 7pm. It goes for an hour….. Such a big day and late night for the kids. well this might be a recipe for DISASTER!!!

But i am staying positive!!! and fingers crossed we dont have any outburts or breakdowns DURING the show and after….

Preparing for the big day and night!!!!

What do you think my chances are of getting him to have a small nap to recharge for tonight? Hmmm…. yea i dont think they are very high either!!!

So just in case i will prep and make sure i have his special blanket (has silk edge for his sensory) and his “Gilly” which is a scented plush toy he has. Then if needed they will be at the ready if he is over excited or tired after the show to bring him back to a relaxed level!

Omg so excited!!! Hahaha

I will post after the show to let you know how everything went.

Wish us luck ☺


2 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

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  1. Thank you ☺

    I think its important to be prepared, so we can better help them in their hard moments.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to have a look. A post is coming soon with what the out come was ☺


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