3 Types of ADHD

Just like there are different types of diabetes, there is also different types of ADHD. And like diabetes people experience ADHD on different levels.

So with ADHD there are 3 types….. Inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive and combination!

What does each type look like? well let me break it down for you.


Inattentive ADHD

  • Doesn’t seem to listen when being spoken toDaydream.jpg
  • Cannot focus on one thing at a time
  • Gets distracted easy or appears to daydream a lot
  • Lose belongings frequently
  • Trouble organising thoughts
  • Difficulty following directions

Interestingly enough this type is typically more diagnosed in girls, But times gets over looked for being depression and anxiety.

Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD

  • Fidgets or is restlessfrustration
  • Talks constantly
  • Doesn’t sit still
  • are impatient
  • Acts out without thought of consequences
  • Constant go, go, go
  • Trouble with quiet activities

Combination ADHD

For someone who is combination ADHD it means they don’t fit completely into one of the other types of ADHD. People with this type have symptoms from both of the other types and experience these symptoms different degrees.


But this sounds like me or that’s most people!!

You might be thinking all of this sounds like a typical child but for people with ADHD these symptoms are constant and is severe enough to impact a lot of aspects in their life. Its important to understand that its not as straightforward as that person doesn’t care enough to remember things or that child is just very disobedient and does not listen. For ADHD people these are very real struggles and usually they end up looking down on themselves because they cant seem to do these “basic” things like others can without putting in a lot of extra work.  We all should be mindful of this when around our amazing ADHD people.


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