Loud and Proud

So this post was not going to be my next one but due to some amazing things this week I just had to share!!!

First let me give you some background.

My son Levi started his first year at school this year and as I’m sure you would be aware, change is not an easy thing for kids especially for kids with ADHD. Levi was more than excited and enthusiastic to be a school boy and had a thirst for knowledge. However all of this didn’t help much with his transition into school.

we had a very bumpy road for the first 3 months. We were getting told that Levi was behind in his literacy. and after nearly 7 months he still had the same sight words he was given at the beginning of the year.

we are part way through term 3 now and my darling boy has been making progress!!

The class played a spelling/sounds game…….


My child who struggles to stay focused, sit still and wait his turn was able to do all these things as well as prove he has come LEAPS AND BOUNDS since he started school.

Of course we celebrated……. we got ice-cream!! hehehe yes I got one too!!! This was a special moment for us, and yes I’m that mum that gets all teary over these things lol.

Its important to celebrate our kids achievements no matter how small they may seem. Its encouraging, uplifting, confidence boosting and damn right powerful!!

Hope you enjoyed our happy story for this week and made some of you can relate!!!


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