What is ADHD?

Hey guys, this week I thought it would be good to do a “what is ADHD?” post. I genuinely believe that with knowledge comes understanding so why not share some background on what ADHD is.

Like a lot of things in this world, ADHD has a stigma around it and unfortunately most of it is just not true!!

I want to take away the old fashioned thoughts people have of ADHD like, that child is just naughty and this is a result of bad parenting just to point out a couple.

Let me assure you, that your child is not just simple naughty and that your child is not having a “Grade A” meltdown in the supermarket because you are a bad parent.

ADHD is neurological!!! You see we have a part of the brain called the frontal cortex.

Frontal Cortex

As you can see this guy is responsible for a few things and you may notice that some of these things are what your child may struggle with.

For instants my son struggles with emotional regulation, problem solving especially without frustration and being quite forgetful with most things. These are not the only struggles that people with ADHD have its just highlighting a few.

Other struggles might be organisation skills, hyperactivity, inattention, impulsivity and trouble staying focused or sitting still. There are 3 types of ADHD and i will go in depth with this in a later post.

A great resource I found through my research endeavours is Dr Russell A. Barkley. He has dedicated himself to researching ADHD and educating people about it. I highly recommend checking out his page www.russellbarkley.org for more in depth information. He has held countless seminars and has a wide range of information that is so very helpful.

I hope the things i have said all make sense. I apologize if it is not written in a comprehensive way. Im sure my writing and ways of explaining will grow as i go ☺

See you next time


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