First blog post


Hi and welcome, my name is Amy and I am a young mum of 2 beautiful boys one of which is gifted with ADHD. I say gifted because while ADHD has its challenges and “draw backs” it also comes with amazing positives!!

Through our journey with ADHD I gone from worrying hopelessly for my son about how he will be accepted by others because he doesn’t fit “the normal”. How will his education be effected. But over the last six years I have now realised that these are actually the positives of his situation. Who wants to just fit in!!! his ADHD makes him stand out!! And not for the reasons people usually think. Over time I have been blessed with being able to observe the raw passion, intrigue, intelligence and most of all the love that my son has. His level of understanding is beyond his years.

We still have challenges that come with ADHD but by changing my own thought processes around it and embracing it, I have managed to bring positivity and joy to our situation. We don’t focus anymore on the things he struggles with instead we focus on his strengths!!! His ability to hyper focus, the ability to think outside the box, creativity, and his incredible skill to recall the past.

Starting a blog about ADHD and what we go through is something I have wanted to do for a long time but I have constantly put it off. Worried about my writing style that it might be to scattered or I won’t be able to articulate properly. But the desire to create awareness and expand the understanding around ADHD over throws my fears.
So without blabbering too much haha!! I want to invite you to follow our journey. And invite you into this safe space for anyone wanting to learn more or just to generate conversation about ADHD. whether you have ADHD or love someone with ADHD or you just want to learn more and swap strategies. Lets all support each other!!!

If you are wanting to follow my blog I will be aiming to post once a week at this point. No specific day of the week as of yet. Lol I’m only just starting! But I will let you know as I get better at this.
Bye for now


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